There has been an increase in counterfeit money being used to make purchase at area restaurants, and one local food chain is doing their part to put an end to it.

Cook Out has implement a policy that won’t allow them to accept anything over a $20 bill. The new policy was put into place by the company’s district office as a result of several stores being fooled by criminals passing off funny money.

In a statement, Jason Bryan who manages a Cook Out on Capital Blvd said “A couple of us have been hit with these fake bills, and we’re just no longer taking anything larger than a $20”

If you go to any area Cook Out now you will see a sign on the drive through that says they will no longer accept anything over a $20 bill. It seems as though the crooks were going to the restaurants with $100 bills and ordering $5 worth of food and walking away with the $95 difference.


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