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Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary will add reality TV show stars to their resume in 2012, but are the going to be the next Braxtons? At first it seems like the sister acts have nothing in common. However, there are some interesting similarities in the two families.

Like the Braxtons, Mary Mary come from a large family. There are six siblings in the Braxton family, the five sisters featured on “Braxton Family Values,” and a brother. Erica and Tina are two of eight siblings. While we have yet to see if there’s a fiery Tamar Braxton-type of personality in Mary Mary’s family, Tina and Erica are far from docile. When they were criticized for attending a Beyonce concert, their Twitter responses showed how they’re not reluctant to speak up for themselves.

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Like the Braxtons, Mary Mary’s reality show will air on the WE television network. “Braxton Family Values” has brought WE its largest ratings, so the tone of the Mary Mary show will probably be more like the Braxtons, than Sinbad’s squeaky clean show that previously aired on the network. Plus, Mary Mary’s show will air after “Braxton Family Values” on Thursday nights beginning March 29th.

Like the Braxtons, Mary Mary grew up singing Gospel music. While the Braxton sisters all moved into secular music, Mary Mary’s Erica and Tina continue to sing Gospel. The mother of Mary Mary was an evangelist/choir director and their father was a youth minister. However, Erica’s and Tina’s songs are often heard on non-Gospel outlets, and their fan base is broad.

Erica’s husband Warryn Campbell is reportedly the executive producer of the Mary Mary reality show. In addition, he’s a highly accomplished producer, and has provided the soundtrack for most of the Mary Mary hits you know and love.

Mary Mary’s new reality show is tentatively titled “Mary Mary” and will debut on Thursday, March 29th on WE TV. Will you be watching?