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SoFree Wisdom was born in Landstuhl, Germany. A prodigy from the start, this tremendous artist was literally singing at the same time she was learning to utter sounds. As she grew, this phenomenal talent only advanced her musical abilities. Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Usher are just some of the singing giants that she admired and was inspired by.

From the tender age of 8, SoFree has been creatively challenging herself with her musical acumen. She has immense writing skills coupled with the talent for arranging her own songs. She continues to write, adding gripping life stories from those she observed along with her life experiences.

SoFree Wisdom has remarkable skill regarding her vocal range. For years she was strictly a soprano. But as her voice matured she developed a beautiful alto sound. Presently, SoFree has an impressive dynamic voice that is both elegant and engaging as her range effortlessly glides between soprano harmonies and alto. This marvelous ability that she possesses is expressed with incredible artistry and musicianship. Her ability to soar to the clouds with her fascinating range is simply mesmerizing to hear.

Her objective with her musical career is to touch the hearts of millions around the world, as her musical idols have done for her. Ever the caring individual, SoFree cannot wait for the day that someone says to her “SoFree, your song really got me through a hard time, thank you so much.” To be able to help someone and give them inspiration and encouragement during a difficult time it’s what she longs for.

SoFree is also a full-time mother. Her daughter is her heart and soul and SoFree’s greatest inspiration. As SoFree states, “She saved my life and I thank God for her every chance I get. She also inspires me to be the best woman that I can be not only for myself, but for her.”

With SoFree possessing a bright, intelligent, and engaging personality combined with incredible voice, her musical career has many great things in store. Her single “Hustla’s Girl” debuted on K97.5’s 919Radio, a program that enables local artists in her area to broadcast their talent. Her music has also been on The Triangle’s KISS 93.9, G105.1, and Mix 101.5 She dreams of the day her songs blare through every station around the world.