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Good things come to those who wait, M.O.S’s latest project is the exact proof of such. When M.O. & The Empire released Pt 1 it was definitely the type of rapping massacre that stood as an example of the talent pouring out of NC. Now back with “Business Never Personal pt2” and it’s a certified Carolina Classic in the same tradition! Period point blank M.O.S. has demonstrated the understanding of composing real street music. If you are a fan of trap music and haven’t downloaded this project you should get your life in order. Not many hip hop artist understand the construction of a complete mixtape but M.O. does and he puts on for his city and state through out every hook, and bar he delivers. The production is from some of the best as well including Ski Beatz, Mike Blayz, Gav Beatz, Black Jeruz, Gotti, and Sonny Digital. Some note worthy features include collabs with B Stacks, Brolic, Bettie Grind, Ricky Ruckus, and Young Swift.

In all honesty this mixtape should have been a album because it delivers quality on the highest level. If you’re not a fan of this project you’re slipping. M.O.S. raps tales of real life hardships, heartache, and the perks of the highlife. He’s a raspy, vivid story teller and BNP2 allows you to take a tour in the life of the man not just the music. M.O.S. makes the type of singles that shut the club down but in a good way! Whether you’re headed down Hwy I-85 or for a short run to the corner store BNP2 is a must play cause it keeps the swag goin. Stand out tracks are “Birds,” “Big Money.” “DopeBoy Time,” “Dead Prez,” “Killin Season,” Day N Night,” and “Relationship.” HipHopNc has never delivered such a rating but the time has finally arrived……

Rating: 5 Stars