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His music is dope and swagger is always right. A$AP Rocky is featured in the new issue of SNEEZE magazine. Writer Joe La Puma sat down with Rocky for an exclusive interview. In the feature story, Rocky talked about getting his style from his brother, being a trendsetter, getting free clothing and f**king with label executives. Last October, this 24-year-old rapper signed a $3 million deal with RCA/Pologrounds and dropped his debut mixtape LiveLoveASAP. Below are some excerpts:

You’re definitely a fashion-forward dude, where did you get your fashion-sense from?

My brother taught me how to style. Like, he was light-skinned with all the girls and shit. His nickname was “Pretty Ricky,” so he used to get all the girls and I was like, “I want to be like him.” He was “Pretty Ricky” and I’m that “Pretty Motherf*cker” and I’m trying to walk in his shoes. Honestly, I wear whatever I don’t see everybody else wearing. Like these are black ACNE jeans. They look regular, but not many people are wearing these. I like that. Then I have my fucking army coat ’cause I’m still gutter, and Timbs on ‘cause I still do this. This is just for sound check, wait till you see what I have on tonight. Might come through with some Alexander Wang, stylin’ on motherfuckers yo, Rick Owens and sh*t.

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