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First Lay Michelle Obama covers the May 2012 issue of Ebony magazine.  In the magazine she talks about her responsibilities as first lady, but also her duties as a mother raising two daughters.

The magazine hits newsstands on April 17th.  Here is a glimpse of the article.

On raising Sasha and Malia:

MICHELLE OBAMA: “Barack and I feel that our greatest responsibility is to raise two productive, respectful, kind empathetic young women.”

On counteracting negative depictions of women in pop culture for the girls:

“My husband talks to our girls about how he expects men in their lives to treat them, and he offers examples by how he treats me and how he treats them.”

On the President dealing with his daily grind:

“He functions better every day when he gets his workout in. It clears his mind–it gets him ready. I don’t think there’s anybody who can imagine just what that man deals with over the course of a 24-hour period. He is able to do it because he is mentally and physically sharp, so it’s a necessity.”