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Remember the love letters you passed around in class, “Do you love me? Check yes or no.” And, those cutesy songs where young R&B and pop singers would pledge their undying love to an anonymous girl, usually female fans convinced themselves they were the so-called anonymous girl.

Well, GIANT has the TOP 10 school playground love songs. Boys everywhere used these songs to pick-up girls during recess, on the walk home or on the playground. Take a trip down memory lane, and listen to our favorite pre-teen and teenage love songs.

1. Jackson 5 – “A B C” (1970)

2. New Edition – “Candy Girl” (1983)

3. Jackson 5 – “I Want You Back” (1969)

4. Jackson 5 – “All I Do Is Think of You” (1975)

5. Soul for Real – “Candy Rain” (1995)

6. New Edition – “Cool It Now” (1984)

7. Lil’ Bow Wow – “Puppy Love”

8. Usher – “You Make Me Wanna” (1997)

9. Justin Bieber – “One Time” (2009)

10. Justin Bieber – “One Less Lonely Girl” (2009)

Honorable Mentions:

B5 – Entire “B5″ (2005) album

Lil’ Romeo – “Somebody’s In Love” (2001) and “True Love” (2002)

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