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Spotted @ The Single Father’s Blog

Grant Hill has had a spectacular career as a player in the NBA. Currently playing for the Phoenix Suns, Grant is a father to two daughters and a husband to singer Tamia.

In a recent interview Hill spoke about how his father laid the blueprint for him to follow when it came to building his own family. “You try to do what you saw, and I was lucky enough to have a great example and a great role model. As a parent, I try to do the things that he did with me and pass it along to my own children.” he said.

Grant’s two daughters Myla and Lael now have the opportunity to witness how driven and focused on succes he is. Even though Grant and Tamia both have had successful careers that have landed them in the spotlight over the years, Grant is in no rush for his daughters to follow in their parent’s footsteps. In the interview Grant said ”

You pick up on those things and you see those things not only apply in sports, but in life,” Grant said. “It applies in school work, with friends, philanthropy, whatever you value. Hard work equals success and that’s something that I’ve learned from both my parents, but it was one of the many things that I learned from my dad. “My youngest (Lael) is probably more musically inclined and my oldest (Myla) is probably more into sports,” Grant said. “But it’s important for them to try to find their own way.” He also noted “Whatever they choose to do, as parents, we’ll support them and be their biggest cheerleaders and fans. We don’t want to put pressure on them to feel like they have to do either one of those to feel validated.”

Grant’s father was a professional athlete who retired after 12 years in the NFL. According to Hill, this prepared him for life in the public eye. He said “You know that it doesn’t last forever. You know it’s a short part of your life and small part of what defines you.”

Keeping his girls mindful of what things are really important in life is something that Grant and his wife try to do all the time. When speaking about building character Grant said “The main thing is to go forward, keep your morals, keep your values, treat people with respect and work hard. If you do that, then things will be ok.”

Throughout his career in the NBA Grant has been a wonderful example of class and character. It’s good to see that he is instilling those same great traits into his children.