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The Jackie Robinson biopic is beginning production in Atlanta, and guess who wants to check out the set? President Barack Obama has invited himself to the production of “42,” According to Deadline, the prez will make his visit on Tuesday. The last time Mr. Obama was in the ATL, was was on March 16 for a pair of fundraisers at supporter Tyler Perry’s film and TV studio.

The film is about the life of legendary athlete Jackie Robinson, who was the first African American pro-baseball player to achieve the level of major leagues. “42” stars Harrison Ford as Brooklyn Dodgers general manager, Branch Rickey, and Chadwich Boseman as the main star.

While Obama is a noted basketball fan, he mentioned Robinson in a recent campaign fundraiser, hosted by Willie Mays.

“The fact is, we don’t make that history unless there are people like Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays, who helped to lay the groundwork for a more inclusive America,” the president said on June 5. Mays re-endorsed Obama that day.


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