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In a new profile for the UK newspaper, The Guardian, Nas opens up about his sentimental album cover featuring him holding the wedding dress of his ex-wife, Kelis. Meanwhile, he also talks about his past troubles with taxes and speaks on his relationship with the fallen soul crooner, Amy Winehouse.

On his Life Is Good album cover:

If your dirty laundry is going to be aired in public whether you like it or not, you may as well take it to its logical conclusion and put the laundry on your album cover, I suggest. Did you see the dress in your wardrobe and think “that’s going on the album cover”?

“I found it in my house and thought, it’s going somewhere! Either on the cover of my album, or burning in a garbage can.” He laughs. “I was angry when I first found it. Hurt and angry – but I don’t think she left it deliberately to hurt me. It’s just part of the dress, so I don’t know where the rest of it is. But it made all the sense in the world for me to … hold on to that.” He pauses. “I guess that’s just my personality.

“My wedding and my marriage was, for the most part, some of the most amazing times of my life.” He clears his throat. “She’s an incredible woman. It just ended really publicly, it seemed real bad. I guess this is my Here, My Dear album, that Marvin Gaye made. It might not be quite so much about the marriage or the divorce, but it’s still that kind of record for me.”

On his tax issues:

Then there are his specific troubles. “I ran into tax problems that really caught me off-guard,” he says, referencing an ongoing run-in with the US Internal Revenue Service over a $6.5m (£4.1m) unpaid bill. “I was screwed over, and at the same time I had a very public divorce, with a young son I wasn’t able to see.”

On Amy Winehouse:

“She was wise way beyond her years, dude. She was too wise. Man, she would call me and I’d be laughing the entire conversation,” he laughs. “We’d be talking about movies, music … she wouldn’t soften the blow when she said what she had to say, it didn’t matter who she was talking about.”

Read the article in full over at The Guardian.


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