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Joseline Hernandez has offered a $500 reward to the person who stole her passport. The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta stand-out tweeted that the suspect was caught on “Candy Camera” (candid camera, we presume) so they may as well fess up and return her property:

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So who would want to do Joseline this dirty? We have a few guesses. Check out our list of suspects and see if we’re hot or cold.

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Ri Ri Got word that Joseline was hitting Paris to book club dates as a Rihanna impersonator and put the kabosh on those plans by having her passport stolen. Now can she give her some help on her own songs? (Did we really just write that?)

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Stevie J

After bragging that he had five baby mamas in front of a woman he just made have an abortion, it’s clear that Hitman is competing for Mayor of Uranus on Four Square. What better way to control your jump-off than to keep her in the country?

Lil Scrappy’s baby momma, Erica

After Joseline’s attempt to put the paws on her and suggesting that she swapped DNA with Stevie J once upon a time, Erica had her passport snatched thinking it would get her deported. Her hood logic was a bit flawed since  MsJoseline is a citizen of both the U.S. and Crazy Town.

Stevie J’s baby mama, Mimi

After hearing “Bailar” she got a little nervous about her 20% stake in Joseline’s music career. She heard about plans for a world tour and wanted to make sure Joseline stayed home to sharpen her skills a bit more before striking out.

Lil Kim

Why would the Queen Bee pull such a dastardly move? Well, according to some sources, the original Kimmy Cakes has been experimenting with Reggaeton and, judging by recent photos, is looking to pass herself of as the new Charo and didn’t want any Spanglish speaking competition.

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