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Former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain (pictured) and radio show host has found his way back in to the news after a bold assertion from the former business executive that the NAACP no longer has the same weight and importance it once did as an organization.

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Appearing on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program, Cain answered the question if the NAACP was still a civil rights organization, stating the group is floundering in wake of a supposed victory in the war of civil rights for Blacks in America.

“I am thankful for what they [NAACP] did in the ’50s and ’60s for the cause of civil rights in this country,” said Cain. “Today, the NAACP has lost its relevance and it’s looking for its relevance in all of the wrong places.”

“There used to be a war, and we won that war on civil rights. Are there some battles? Yes, there always will be.  I believe that their new focus should be economic development, but they have not made that transition, so they have simply lost their relevance,” he continued.

Host Peter Johnson later drove the question to Cain if Romney faced undue criticism for bringing up African-American unemployment rates, saying that the presumptive GOP candidate was “vilified” for bringing up the numbers and accusing the White House of not addressing the matter.

Cain responded that mainstream media has been unfair of their treatment of Romney and alleging that there’s a double standard in comparison to how Obama is treated – naturally, Cain praised Fox News for their “fair and balanced coverage on the presidential race.

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