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Carlos Mencia is known for his cutting comedy about Latino representation in the media, but he’s also a huge political buff. Mencia recently talked with My92.7 about the upcoming DNC in Charlotte and the current presidential race.

What have you been up to?

I just returned from the Bahamas. It just makes me appreciate what I have here. America and the things that we have. We have fat poor people in this country. That’s amazing too me. It was a great great experience.

Speaking of the poor, what do you think about the Occupy movement?

When those people in America are protesting the 99 percent, in reality all Americans are the one percent to the rest of the world. That’s the kind of country that we are. We always want to be great. We always want our middle class and our poor to do well. We have a food network other countries don’t even have food. There’s a big difference between we need to make this system better and this system is completely broken

So we’re really not that bad off?

Not to say that we don’t need to make it better. I get that corporate greed is what it is and that it needs to be changed. Yet I temper that with things are not as bad as they are in 99 percent of the world. I’ll know America is in bad shape when Cubans in Miami get in the water and swim back to Cuba

What do you think about the Presidential race?

I feel like the news is trying to make this a race of some sort. I don’t like the way they’re operating. I hate the party of no as much as I hate the party of they don’t’ let me do anything. It’s like do something, fix something. I don’t see anybody of the Republican party that can beat Obama. It’s almost ridiculous that they’re trying to make it a race.

Charlotte is hosting the Democratic Convention this year. Are you coming?

I like to go to both conventions and interview all of the ladies of the night that fly in. They’re ladies of the night that go to both conventions. I compare notes to see who’s actually freakier – Democrats or Republicans.

The answer is?

Republicans. Wow. Those guys are into toes, midgets and spankings.

All day they’re like Jesus and Jesus and God and conservatism.

What do you think they’ll say about the teabaggers?

I want to see what the teabaggers like! I am so curious to see. They have even more pent up energy

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