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The older I get the more important comfort becomes to my fashion.  I am a slave to fashion (yes, I admit it). I have to be fashionable.  But I also have to be comfortable.  Comfort is different for each person.  For me, it means having comfortable shoes, but more importantly comfortable pants. My pants of choice – leggings.

It’s easy to wear them wrong; so, here are a few tips on wearing leggings as pants.

  • Avoid the camel toe! It’s really easy to show too much when wearing spandex.  If you feel uncomfortable, chances are that other people can tell.  Always wear a shirt that is long enough to cover anything bad that the spandex highlights.  This includes love handles, also!

  • For people who are short, it’s really easy for leggings to remind everyone of your height.  In this case, add a pair of pumps to the outfit and you’re golden.  The length added by the heels allows people to focus on the shape and muscle in your legs instead of your height.

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