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Rapper Nas ripped open the wounds of his failed marriage to singer Kelis. He is allowing those scars to heal for the public’s viewing pleasure. During a recent show in London, Nas proved those scars are taking their sweet ass time to fully disappear. Nas told the crowd he recently sent text messages to his ex-wife asking to make love one last time.

According to reports by NME, Nas performed at a quaint London venue Under the Bridge on October 1st. During his performance of his latest single “Bye Baby,” Nas admitted the sexual request he made to Kelis, “You know, I text her the other night. I said, can we make love one more time? Seriously! It still hurts bad. the pain is real, y’all That s**t is real.”

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Nas and Kelis met in 2002 at an after party for the MTV Video Music Awards. The couple tied the knot 3 years later and divorced in 2010. The divorce came as Kelis was seven and a half months pregnant with their son. the divorce was nasty, but obviously, not bad enough for Nas not to want that good-good one last time. We don’t know what Kelis’ response to Nas’ request was, but we don’t think they’ll be getting back together anytime soon.



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