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Donald Trump used Twitter as a means of attacking President Barack Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, claiming that Mother Nature was cooperating with the president’s political agenda.

In a series of petty ignorance, “The Donald” tweeted that Sandy presented an opportunity for Obama, one that the POTUS would take full advantage of:

“I always said Obama is lucky for himself but unlucky for the country. The storm could be very good for him as he will stand in the rain doing nothing but with the cameras rolling.”

Check out more of Trump’s inappropriate tirade below:

Bringing back up his inane offer to donate $5 million to a charity of the president’s choice if he releases his “college records and applications, and if he gives his passport applications and records,” Trump tweeted that he is extending the offer until noon Thursday because of the storm. In a Republican twist, he says that Obama could use the $5 million to assist 9-11 first responders or the families of storm victims.

The kicker is that he writes it as if it’s the president’s money to give away, instead of money that he’s offering to him to participate in his media spectacle. Even more obviously, Trump fails to mention why he doesn’t just donate the money instead of trying to stay relevant through the Obama administration.

Mitt Romney also attempted to politicize tragedy by focusing on Obama’s response to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, criticizing him before details had even emerged.

As previously reported by NewsOne, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorsed the president’s handling of the devastating East  Coast storm, saying that he has been “great.” In an unexpected call from the White House, Obama told Christie to call him directly if his needs were not being met and there was anything else that the federal government could do.

“I appreciate that call from the president,” Mr. Christie said. “It was very proactive. I appreciate that kind of leadership.”

Trump seems to be out on a limb alone on this one, which is not an unusual. Maybe if we all pretend like he’s not there he’ll go away, or seek help, whichever comes first.


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