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When are women going to learn you CANNOT out lawyer a rich baller. Royce Reed wants her baby daddy Dwight Howard to lay out the cash in their ongoing custody battle so she can get a fair chance to beat him.

According to TMZ, Royce filed documents in Florida asking a judge to make Dwight cover her legal bills in order to ensure a fair case, since he is the one who filed for sole custody of their child.

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The documents states that the LA Lakers baller brings in over $1.3 million per month and if he did not provide the funds, it would not be a fair fight. Royce also claims that he can hire an army of lawyers while she would get buried in bills and eventually be forced to drop out of the proceedings.

Her lawyer says she’s already racked up a $44,113.50 bill and is expected to tack on another $60k plus if she continues to fight … for a grand total of $106,621.80.

Note to baby mamas: Get the ring first before you pop out a child!

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