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One of my listeners sent in this poem and I thought it was beautiful……. ” Today I Just” by Lady J

Today I just came to school
To learn about the golden rules
To play outside to talk with friends
I never thought this was the end
The end of hearing my mommy’s voice
Or dad’s laughter or giving me the choice
Of having hot dogs or chicken nuggets
The rain on my face or my dog’s face…to just touch it
To write my name or read a book
Or laugh at jokes or learn how to cook
Instead I am walking around in Heaven
It’s beautiful here I said to myself then
There are 20 of us we are not alone
Yet we are sad because we are not at Earthly home
                                        We miss our families God rest our souls
                                  Protect the children on Earth with gun control
                             What happened to us should never happen again
                              To anyone of any age or to our families and friends