One of my listeners sent in this poem and I thought it was beautiful……. ” Today I Just” by Lady J Today I just came to school To learn about the golden rules To play outside to talk with friends I never thought this was the end The end of hearing my mommy’s voice Or dad’s […]

 In a class of 16 children one 6 1/2 year old little girl survived the Sandy Hook school massacre by playing dead. Covered in blood when she was reunited with her mother, she told her, “Mommy, I’m okay, but all my friends are dead.” Adam Lanza’s gun rampage left 28 people in all dead, 20 […]

It has just been reported that the deceased shooter of the Connecticut School Shooting has been identified as 20 something year old Ryan Lanza.This picture was taken from his facebook page. There are also reports that a body has been discovered during a search of a home connected to the shooter. The victim has not been […]

There has been a deadly shooting at an Elementary school in Connecticut this morning. CNN is reporting that at least 20 people are dead including the gunman and 10 children. The shooting took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where not many  details have come out yet about the cause of the […]