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How To Stay Connected To Your Fans [VIDEO]


When you tweet at  the person responding isn’t an assistant or someone from the record label’s social media team, it’s the man himself, Ne-Yo.

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The singer-songwriter, actor, philanthropist and record executive is the Shine Award winner for “Most Connected ” because with 2.7 million followers and a schedule that requires recording, rehearsals, meetings and myriad other responsibilities he still finds the time to personally interact with his fans.

Ne-Yo doesn’t only interact with them on Twitter, he also takes to Ustream to speak directly with them and answer questions. In fact, his interactions helped shape his latest album “R.E.D.” a mix of R&B and today’s EDM-infected pop music that his fans requested. Fan mail has never been so effective.

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Ne-Yo also stays connected to the people offline through his various charitable entities, including The Compound Foundation. Watch as he discusses the importance of staying in touch with his fans with

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