In the 168 year history of Notre Dame University much has likely been achieved, however one of it’s greatest accomplishes is now nearing as an African American as been crowned valedictorian for the first time ever.

Katie Washington is well on her way to anywhere she so pleases. With her astounding 4.0 GPA, she has been accepted to some of the top schools in the world including Harvard. The biology major and Catholic Social Teaching minor has chosen to head to Johns Hopkins next fall where she plans to pursue a joint M.D./Ph.D.

She has conducted research on lung cancer at the Cold Spring Harbor labs and performed genetic studies in the University’s Eck Institute for Global Health on the mosquito that carries dengue and yellow fever. She is the co-author of a research paper with David Severson, professor of biological sciences.

“I am humbled,” said 21-year-old Gary, Indiana native Katie Washington to the Northwest Indiana Times. “I am in a mode of gratitude and thanksgiving right now.” As commencement day approaches on May 16 Katie can take pride in knowing that she has risen to be a superb leader who has made her family, friends, and community equally proud.

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