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No matter what your profession, working in an office can be quite entertaining. Considering The Urban Daily is an urban entertainment website, we have some wild conversations. After one of said crazy conversations, one of our freelancers who happened to be in the office said, “You guys need to have a show because nobody believes me when I tell them what gets said in here!” While a television show isn’t in the near future for The Urban Daily, we can always write about it.

Instead of solely putting ourselves on blast, we scoured Twitter for some of the funniest tweets with the #overheardintheoffice hashtag. Check out some things that get said in the office and how bad they sound when not put into proper context.

Before we get into the ten we found on Twitter, peep two from our very own Senior Editor.

Whoever said this was absolutely correct. Breezy’s security team needs to ashamed of themselves for allowing two of the softest dudes in the game to make Chris Brown their little sweetie pie!

In more ways than one!

Overheard In The Office: 10 Best Tweets About Office Conversations  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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