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People with children living in North Andover, Massachusets are very angry with the school district. In an effort to curb childhood obesity, the schools sent home a letter talking about ways to fight obesity with the children who are “fat.”

When a young student named Cameron Watson,10, came home with the “fat letter,” his father was livid. However, Cam, an athlete, refused to internalize the obese label. “I know I’m not obese so I didn’t really care about the letter. I just crumpled it up,” Cam said.

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North Andover’s Department of Public Health claim they were inspired to send the letter home with the school children to be used as a helpful instrument to help parents teach their kids about healthy living. Cam Watson’s father adamantly disagrees because the letters don’t truly reflect the severity of obesity in the neighborhood because the letters don’t account for muscle mass.

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“No one wants to get letters saying they’re obese. That’s a very strong, uncomfortable word, and we didn’t see if fitting with our son who is very active, he’s very strong,” Cam’s father Matt Watson stated.

Cam’s mother, who is a local politician, is doing what she can so that these “fat letters” are never sent home ever again.

Rapper Earth Amplified and dead prez’s seem to agree that there is something wrong with the way our kids are eating. Watch the video for their song “Food Fight.”



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