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Some people should be law abiding citizens because they aren’t equipped for that criminal life. A man in England was arrested for leading cops on a chase through a British neighborhood named Bristol on a moped.

The 22 year-old man Dad James Phillips attempted to outrun four police cars and a helicopter because his license was suspended and was banned from the road. Phillips was driving so slow, one of the helicopter crewmen just started a running commentary, saying, “Speed is 15 – one-five – miles an hour.”

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During the one-mile chase, a man on the street tried to punch Dad James Phillips off his moped, but missed by a couple of inches. After hitting the lightning speed of 30 miles per hour, Phillips decided to pull over and give up the chase. Phillips lawyer said, “He behaved in a really stupid way. He was going to get caught. There was no excessive speed. It was only a matter of time that police would arrest him and he stopped voluntarily after some distance. It was, perhaps, more stupid than dangerous under the circumstances.”

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Phillips will be without his license for another three years because he admitted to the court that he was driving dangerously without a license or insurance. the judge did show a little bit of favor by handing down a suspended nine month sentence, ordered to do 100 hours of community service, and take a thinking skills program.

Before letting him go free, the judge told the young Speed Racer, “You’ve clearly made a nuisance of yourself quite a lot in the past. You don’t need me to tell you it deserves a prison sentence. I have decided to suspend that sentence.  It looks to me as though you are growing up. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? You are 22, you have responsibilities, a partner, a child, you have done courses and you work.”

After avoiding jail time, Dad James Phillips told reporters, “It was a stupid mistake, boss, that’s all. I don’t know what I was thinking really. I would not do it again – I didn’t even think I would get away from them.”

One of the arresting officers had the best quote of the whole situation, “You normally expect a bit of drama when the helicopter’s up and you hear there’s a chase on. But this was more like a guided tour. On that moped he was going nowhere fast.”



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