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Rapper turned actor Ice-T is having a rough time on the marriage front. For weeks he has been plagued with photos and rumors of his wife Coco participating in inappropriate behavior with a rapper named AP-9. In the latest round of drama the alleged lothario claims to have photo and video of his trist with Coco and is threatening to release it unless Ice pays up.

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Things got so bad that rumors began to spread that Ice filed for divorce, but they were laid to rest by a publicist for the couple.  While there is plenty of photo evidence that would justify Ice-T saying “Bye Baby,” we’ve gathered a few photos and videos that give good reason for him to stay put.

10. Gravity is afraid of her…

Any woman that can pull off this Spider-woman routine without breaking a sweat is worth giving a second chance:

9. She likes video games…

Every man wants to feel in control but this is taking it to the next level. You can’t make a woman an “ex-box” who is willing to play X-Box.

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