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Maybach Music soldier Wale is one of those rappers who acts and reacts emotionally. That’s not a diss, but fact. Wale even said it himself in an interview with Mo’Nique on her now-canceled talk show. He told the Oscar winner that his heart has gotten him into a lot of trouble in the past and will most likely continue to land him in some drama. that statement has proven to be true and you need to check no further than Wale’s Twitter account for proof.

Wale has taken sharing matters of the heart on Twitter to a whole new level. He’s defended his videos not featuring dark skinned models despite being a dark skinned man himself. He’s also confronted women who have had negative things to say about his looks, actions, and any other thing they choose to comment on.

Check out some of Wale’s biggest and best Twitter beefs.

Wale vs. DJ Semtex (2009)

In 2009, Wale had signed to Interscope Records and was in the middle of the big industry push. As a new artist, he had a single that featured Common and Lady Gaga called “Make Her Say.” Since he was in promotion mode, he did an interview with DJ Semtex’s website. Things got heated between the rapper and DJ when DJ Semtex thanked Wale for the interview and then saw that wale tweeted that he hated doing interviews in the middle of DJ Semtex’s. Semtex responded to Wale telling him the interview couldn’t be used because other rappers have given better conversation. Wale tried to explain that the reason behind the tweet wasn’t because of the interview DJ Semtex conducted, but all was lost. DJ Semtex ethered Wale in a series of tweets and concluded with, “There is no beef, no tension, no blackballing, I’m just saying please give a f*ck when the next kid interviews you.“ Wale deleted his Twitter page and came back after that incident.

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