The website has become popular, and as of the time of this writing almost 500,000 persons have signed up to be assigned a Cardinal.

The website asks:

  • “Are you infinitely thankful to God for having given us such a wonderful, wise and benevolent pope in Benedict XVI?”

  • “Do you sincerely hope that the Church will be granted a worthy successor: a rock of faith, a leader open to the Holy Spirit, a pope prayerful and holy?”
  • “Do you as an important part of the Body of Christ wish to contribute through the power of your prayers so that the Holy Spirit may guide, protect and enlighten our Cardinals when they determine the next successor of St. Peter?”

If you answer the questions “yes,” then adopt a Cardinal!  The website will require your name and an email address, and it will send you information about your Cardinal.

Well let the Holy Spirit reign! Make sure to read  all our papal Conclave 2013 coverage here.

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