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This morning I was greeted with a video titled, “Things White People Can’t Say” and I immediately prepared myself to be offended by White people using various phrases specific to Black culture and feeling the sting from the tears my ancestors shed. But, I did the opposite. I laughed…hard. And I am 100% sure you will too.

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However, I’m not simple. I know there’s someone out there heavily offended by the preppy White boys in the video using words like “finna,” “swag” and “ratchet” as comedy. Sure, Black folks and the Ebonics-creating rappers are mostly to blame for the introduction of such language and word usage, but who are we to tell White people they can’t use certain words or phrases?

While the point of the video is to show White people that there’s certain things they just can’t say, I think it’s a hilarious display of urban culture’s double standard.

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