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Adult film star Jada Fire may be retired from making X-rated films but is still a full-time target for gossip.

MTO reported that she was now married and that entertainer Pinky XXX was her new “husband.” They provided screenshots of two Facebook profiles listing them as married to each other as “proof.”

The thing is, any fan or follower of Jada (raises hand) knows that she is not on Facebook. Plus the profile they show has only 49 followers. We know dang well that if she was on Facebook she’d have more than 49 followers!

Nevertheless, Jada went on Instagram to clear up the rumor and let fans know that this was another hoax.

“Damn, Mediatakeout really keep f*cking with me!!” she wrote. “These damn lies they tell!! No Pinky & I didn’t get married. LMAAOOO”




Pinky added her two cents on Instagram insisting that she doesn’t date people in the porn industry and that she only dates Black Men.

Given their extensive body of …err…work together, we wouldn’t have been mad if the two of them got hitched. But for those of you holding out hope, Jada and Pinky are both single.

Pinky has been busy getting her rap career off the ground and Jada made a cameo in the video to Shawnna’s “Big & Fat.”

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