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Man Apologizes After Drug Arrest

I swear criminals in Florida are cut from a different cloth. In the recent past, either the suspect has committed a heinous act and has no remorse a la George Zimmerman or you get criminals like this. A man started apologizing to police after he realized they discovered he was lying about possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia.

52-year-old Terry Lee Holloway profusely spewed his mea culpas to Crestview police officers once they found a pipe in the backseat of a squad car they transported Holloway in. He told police, “Guys, I’m sorry. I’m really not a bad guy. I hid the pipe because I was scared.”

Terry Lee Holloway first attracted the Crestview Police’s suspicions when cops noticed him sitting in a gray pick-up truck parked behind a business that was closed for the day. According to the police report, when the police car pulled up to the pick-up truck, it drove off. Police followed the truck and performed a traffic stop. When he was pulled over, it was discovered Holloway had an open warrant for failing to appear in court stemming from a driving on a suspended license charge.

Officers found a small green pill bottle in his pocket when he was searched. Upon the realization the cops found his pill bottle, Holloway exclaimed, “Oh no!” The pill container held some Xanax and methamphetamine. Needless to say, Terry Lee Holloway was cuffed and taken to jail. But a few hours later, the arresting officers heard something rattling in the backseat. When they checked, they saw a pipe which turned out to be Holloway’s.

Terry Lee Holloway was booked on charges of possession of a controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence, and possessing or using narcotics equipment.

The police did their job by arresting him and all of that, but if they searched him when they initially pulled him over, how did they miss a pipe?



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