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Looks like Rihanna has a fan from the adult film community.  Retired porn star Jada Fire sat down with Hynaken of True Stories Radio for a very, shall we say, provocative interview.  Below are some highlights:

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What would it take to get Jada Fire back in the game

“I think the only thing that would get me back in the game – well, money talks.”

The rumors that she’s only attracted to White men

“The truth is I like chocolate too.  But the White guys put it down. The stereotype is that I only like White guys, but I like both. “

How she came to discover her special “skill set”:

“I stumbled upon it.  Vanessa Blue was shooting this two guy scene that I was doing.  We were reviewing the footage and I asked “What was that?”  I was thinking maybe something was wrong with me, maybe I need to go to the doctor or something! So I ended up going to the doctor, who explained what it was.”

Which female celebrity she’d want to hook up with:

“Rihanna.  I think she’s probably a freak.  Honestly, I’d want to make love to her face to face – she’s too pretty for anything else.”

Which rappers she finds sexy: 

“My favorite artist is Young Jeezy.  Cuz he’s real with it and I don’t like soft dudes.”



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