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It seems as though, someone thought it was a good idea to bring “Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele, on to BET’s 106 & Park to answer questions from the viewers, the way she answers questions for the Hip Hop website, That someone is probably somewhere hanging out with Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker this evening as all hell broke out on Twitter regarding Draya’s appearance on the show.

It was stated that if anyone had any questions for Draya, they were to hashtag (#) #AskDraya and Tweet their questions in to 106 & Park.

This went totally to the left, upon the following picture being posted on Twitter, with a heartbreaking description of what Draya allegedly did to her own son when he was a 7-year-old.

Upon seeing this, “Black Twitter” lost their shizz and went on a witch hunt for Draya Michele!

Check it out!

Ask Draya

Some of this was discussed on the first season of “Basketball Wives LA”, but it wasn’t quite this graphic. The Twitterverse, known for it’s extremes, pulled no punches with their #AskDraya  questions  into 106 & Park.

They tweeted questions like;









And the hits are continuing to come in as we post the story! We don’t really know what to say, other than when we place people on pedestals based on beauty and not substance, we get what we pay for! If people had been more concerned with her character, and less concerned with her abs and behind, then maybe there wouldn’t have been such a tidal wave of utter shock felt throughout twitter today. We’re just saying. If we pick our role models based on how well they swing around a poll, can we really be shocked, when we find out that they behaved, like people who swing around polls? Food for thought.


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