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When you’re a teenager, you make some of the dumbest decisions of your life within that span of time. A teenager in New Zealand asked police to put him in jail instead of finishing his house arrest sentence because he had run out of video games. Yes, we’re serious.

A 19-year-old from New Zealand called the police earlier in the week and told police they had better come pick him up and take him to prison because he had run out of video games to play. mind you, the teen has one month left on an 11-month house arrest sentence. But because he ran out of new games to play, prison just seemed like a better option. Senior Constable Paul Nicholas said the young man threatened to violate his house arrest perimeters if he wasn’t transported to prison by the police. The police did as they were told and transported the young man to Ngawha Prison.

House arrest was introduced to new Zealand in 2007 and is considered to be one of the most restrictive sentences in their judicial system next to actual prison time. when on house arrest, convicts are to stay in an approved house at all times where they are monitored by electronics. The maximum sentence that can be served on house arrest is 12 months.

That boy needs to reevaluate his life for more than one reason. First off, what did he do to get 11 months on house arrest and why is life so meaningless that you want to have your freedoms stripped away because you don’t have any new video games. Somebody needs to get bigger problems.



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