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Everyone who’s ever heard Whitney Houston belt out a tune had no doubt that she would be a star. However, she was much more than an amazing singer with an enviable vocal range — she was deftly able to flex her acting muscles, as well.

Before hitting megastar status and claiming the throne as one the greatest voices of all time, a young Whitney was chosen for a role on a new TV show. As the other cast members were signing their contracts, Director Jay Sandrich recalls Whitney explaining to him that she couldn’t sign hers because, although she didn’t have a record deal and had never been on tour, she couldn’t be in every episode because she was going to be a singer.  Her aunt and mother said she could sing so needed to be able to tour.

The role she turned down? Sondra Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.” Watch Sandrich tell the story in the video below.

Later on Whitney would end up doing cameos on other NBC sitcoms like “Silver Spoons” and “Gimme A Break,” before going on to star in blockbuster Hollywood movies like Waiting to Exhale. You can relive her monumental performances in films such as The Bodyguard and Sparkle with XFINITY On Demand™ and, a unique digital community built around the love of Black TV, film, sports, music and more.


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