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Photo from google.com

When I heard the news that Michael Jackson had passed, I kept waiting for another news report saying that the story was wrong. But sadly, that news never came. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, most likely you’ve grown up listening to MJ’s music. I remember when he released his “Thriller” video, I was terrified to watch the full version by myself. My favorite MJ moment was his performance of “Billy Jean” at Motown’s 25th Anniversary.

Now that I’m a dj, I have a greater appreciation for MJ as an artist because I get to see how his music truly affects people. There are only a few select artist who’s music can touch a person’s soul and MJ is at the top of the list. It didn’t matter who’s track he was singing on, MJ was gonna “out shine” that artist (MJ’s vocal delivery was something that couldn’t be matched)…

Here’s a list of my favorite MJ songs

1. Billy Jean

2. Off The Wall

3. PYT

4. Human Nature

5. Rock With You

Photo from google.com

Photo from google.com