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It’s pretty interesting how much of a difference a caption can make right? The picture above seems harmless. It looks like a nice picture of George Zimmerman’s defense attorney Don West out having an ice cream with family and enjoying himself. However, once his daughter added a caption to it the picture became an entirely different story. 

Check out her Instagram post below. 


Given the way that Molly’s father treated Rachel Jeantel on the witness stand the last few days and the horrible things that are being said about her intelligence from coast to coast by people of all races right now as a result of that treatment, one immediately concludes that the “stupidity” that Molly was discussing was that of Rachel Jeantel.

We’re also guessing that Molly is sweatin right now, because the entire world is starting to discuss her IG post and it’s ramifications for her father as to whether or not he should remain on the case. Many are calling for his dismissal. Wooh! 

The Twitterverse is beginning to go bizerk upon seeing the post. Check out some of the noteworthy examples below!


Call it a hunch but we get the feeling that the Trayvon Martin trial is about to get really interesting for an entirely different reason next week! We’ll stay tuned. 


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