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With all the NBA trades flying across the net and The BET Awards being over, R&B thug Ne-Yo decided now was the perfect time to announce that he and his longtime lady Monyetta Shaw had taken their final bow. We, here at The Urban Daily, totally understand people grow, things change and folks decide to go their separate ways. Plenty of couples break up and being a celebrity is no exception. But Ne-Yo, on his new “classy ratchet” kick may have let the gentleman roll slip when he decided to make this announcement via Instagram… to the utter delight of the Twitterverse. The shots fired were on full auto at the crooner and the hollow points seemed endless.

Far be it for us to play Captain Save-A-Singer, but we’d be lying if we didn’t point out that Ne-Yo isn’t the first famous cat to get callous with a breakup. Just to be fair, we decided to dry snitch on a few cats who’ve publicly went the rude road with their breakups.


Joe Budden

After months of declaring his love for his lady Kaylin Garcia all over Instagram and Twitter and every other social media site that would listen, Brother Budden managed to sidekick his lady after one season of “Love & Hip-Hop” by quite unceremoniously, sliding down uninvited to D.R. to accompany Tahiry while informing Kaylin he didn’t care if she didn’t like it or want him to. Classy dude…

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