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This is the last tax-free weekend, as the NC General Assembly recently eliminated it. So, get out and take advantage of the great deals you can get on computers, school supplies and other items.

The North Carolina sales tax holiday begins Friday, Aug. 2 and runs through Sunday, Aug. 4. During this time, retailers temporarily suspend sales tax on certain items like clothing up to $100, school supplies up to $300 and computers up to $3,500.

Items That Won’t Be Taxed:

Clothing Items ($100 or less per item)

Sport or Recreational Equipment ($50 or less per item)

Computers ($3,500 or less per item)

In addition to computers, related items such as monitors, keyboards, mouse, speakers and cables are not taxed, so long as they are sold in conjunction with a central processing unit. Tablet computers, including but not limited to: Apple Ipad, Motorola Xoom, and Samsung Galaxy.

Certain Computer Accessories ($250 or less per item)

The fine print from the Department Of Revenue can be seen here.

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