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Who knew that Drake actually has a stylist…that he spends money on! One of Hip Hop’s worst dressed artists apparently spends over $30,000 a month on stylists that he takes around the country with him. Drizzy also spends thousands of dollars on clothes and jewelry.

A former stylist is suing the Toronto rapper because Drake allegedly owes him $76,490. According to the stylist the debt is for consulting services, hotel bills, plane tickets and shopping sprees. Stylist Michael Raphael claims that he was hired by Drake in August 2012 for his services.

According to the lawsuit, the wages do NOT cover the exorbitant expenses Raphael also incurred on Drake’s behalf — dropping stacks at stores like Nike, Diesel, American Rag, and countless boutiques … plus insane travel expenses (SLS hotel, anyone?). Raphael even includes a bunch of receipts to show just how much he spent — one Nike receipt was for $1,162, one for Diesel was $1,483, $714 at American Rag, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Raphael claims Drake faithfully paid his bills from August to November last year, but suddenly stopped paying in December — a month where Raphael racked up nearly $40,000 in shopping and other expenses on top of his monthly salary … for a total of $76,490. Raphael is now suing Drake for the full amount.

All I know is that if this guy was responsible for that DaDa outfit that Drake wore in the video for “No New Friends” then he doesn’t need to be paid. He should be paying Drake for all of the pain and suffering that he caused him.


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