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Singer Chris Brown is going through it right now. He feels his actions have become the center of everyone’s attention due to the media constantly reporting on his behavior. So rather than getting his act together and changing his public persona, Breezy did everything his publicists have told him not to do and tweeted about his feelings regarding the media.

Needless to say, Chris Brown wasn’t too kind to the press. On the other hand, he wasn’t as nasty as he’s been previously. Chris Brown started tweeting about having to redo his community service stemming from the Rihanna assault case. He first said, “The community service isn’t a problem anymore. Ill do what ever duty I need too to fulfill my requirements as a man and a leader.” He went on to say how happy he was to have his fans and his life and that nobody can make a leader. What that has to do with anything-we don’t know, but it’s Chris Brown.

Breezy also tweeted, “It amuses me how the media holds on to every word. I think tomorrow Ill Be a power ranger.”

I’m sorry, Breezy, but if you don’t want the media reporting on your behavior, act right so we don’t have anything to report. Making mistakes is one thing, but throwing chairs out of windows at major news offices isn’t going to get people to not write stories about you. honestly, I really think you just need to see a therapist. You some issues that only a licensed doctor and Jesus can fix.



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Chris Brown Slams Media For Reporting On Attention Grabbing Behavior  was originally published on theurbandaily.com