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Robin Thicke Performs With Miley Cyrus At VMAs


This has got to stop…

The VMAs have always been known to get a little raunchy, that’s pretty much been a fact since the beginning. Every year the good people at MTV have allowed artists to push the envelope during performances in their attempts to out do each other’s red carpet relevance. Between Lady Gaga’s outfits to T-Pain‘s oversized chains/hats and well… gimmicks, performers escalate things and we accept it. That’s just the way it is.

But Robin Thicke has taken it too far.

Deciding to stand out this year, Robin decided to err on the side of ratchet by taking the number one song in the country and allowing the illegitimate seed of Riff Raff and Madonna Miley Cyrus to inject fresh f*ckery into his set by passing on T.I. and Pharrell while turning “Blurred Lines” into a duet with Miley.

miley Cyrus twerking On Robin Thicke

Somewhere in America… Miley Cyrus still doesn’t have a real friend. And Robin’s lines were blurred because someone sniffed them.

Drake/Miley Cyrus Meme

Where were your boys, Robin? We’ve come to expect a certain level of lame from Miley on her quest for the crown of the first white coon queen, but WTF are YOU doing?! You subtract two accomplished artists to give stage time to a molly-riddled Miley? It’s bad enough you decided to hire Beetle Juice as a stylist. But then you decide to let your set designer add acid into his hot chocolate before designing yours. You’re supposed to watch the train wreck man, not volunteer to work the radio from the front seat! You saw what Justin did right? Did you see Britney Spears ANYWHERE near the stage… or his crotch?!

Robin Thicke Dressed As Beetle juice

Marvin Gaye aint deal with his daddy issues for you to do this.

This is a P.S.A. for the general public. The Yes Men are racking up victories at an insane rate, and if we don’t do something soon, its gonna be too late. Kanye is already performing in the dark… do I really have to continue?

The ratchet republic is on the move. Look alive people…

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