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Toure during an MSNBC broadcast


I’m not gonna pretend to understand this at all…

Toure is a journalist…that much is clear. I mean the man’s a writer, serves on The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame committee and hosts “The Hip-Hop Shop” for Fuse. Hell, he’s even a contributor for MSNBC. So you’d like to assume he’s well informed. At least that what you’d assume…

That is until he tweeted “That Jay Z album came and went with barely a murmur.”

Now the only thing we can assume is that he doesn’t live in a house with any black people.

Dude, where were your boys??

Do you really expect us to believe you’ve had your Hip-Hop head so far up your Old Navy khakis that you don’t hear MGHC tracks bumping in the cars and clubs since it dropped? Okay, maybe that’s happening in hoods you don’t want to be seen in. (aka, not allowed in.) But just because you can’t walk through Marcy without having a shopping cart flung from a roof at you is no excuse for this.

Did you lose a bet? Why would anyone let a “Hip-Hop authority” expose just how little authority he has? Do people like you? I mean… not the public, but anyone else? Family? Your barbe… uh, I mean, your driver?

Or maybe, they just thought crying for focus like a sweet sixteen year old was the only way to get the people to remember you exist. Maybe you figured that attempted slander was the only way to get your name mentioned in the same sentence as Jay Z.

We knew you had the hair of a troll… now you’ve got the tweets to match.



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