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Authorities from the the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana are looking for someone who stole an iPad and the alleged thief may have given them some unintentional assistance, News Channel 5 reports.

The alleged thief (pictured above) took a number of photos of herself with the device days after someone broke into the victims car at the South County Regional Park in Boca Raton. The crime took place when the victim was busy with her kids at a flag football practice. She has been able to access date from the iPad with her iCloud feature.

“I couldn’t believe it. She’s sitting there with her tongue sticking out and all these ‘selfie’ pictures. It was pretty bold. It was pretty shocking,” said the victim.

The cops are looking to id the woman in the photos because other parents have had their vehicles broken into as well. The flag football league sent out an email to parents warning them of the break-ins.

“I know what she looks like. The sheriff’s office knows what she looks like. People on Facebook know what she looks like and the news knows what she looks like,” said the victim. “We just need someone to turn her in.”

The woman whose iPad was stolen is offering cash to anyone with information leading to the return of the device.

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Alleged iPad Thief IDs Herself With Selfies  was originally published on newsone.com