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Welp ladies and gents this is what happens when the prison system gets overloaded. Some criminals end up with their time reduced. And Conrad Murray is apparently no exception. His 4 year sentence has been reduced to two years as a result of overcrowding and he will again walk freely among us by the end of this month!

TMZ caught up with Jermaine Jackson who had some choice words to say about the situation. Check it out below.

Hmmm…we’re stuck on something Jermaine said,

“Somebody’s doing business.”

What does that mean exactly? Is he implying that Conrad Murray’s freedom was up for sale? This just sounds like more for the conspiracy theorists to freak out about. And we’re sure they will.

In the meantime Dr. Murray must realize there are a whole lot of angry people around the world who feel a way about him and the entire incident. He might actually want to consider staying longer! Ever see an MJ fan when someone says Prince is better? Just saying….if that’s how they get just because you like Prince over Mike…how will they react to seeing Conrad Murray down at the Cinnabon.


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