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rakim As we gear up for one of the hottest concerts this year,”Return of the Legends”….I dug up some little known facts about The Microphone Fiend, Rakim, that I thought you would enjoy.

*Rakim real name is William Michael Griffin Jr.

*He converted to Islam at age 16

*Before taking on the name Rakim he went by Kid Wizard

*He he took the name Rakim in honor of the ancient sun god Ra and the ancient Egyptian kingdom of Kim.

*He was an athlete who aspired to play in professional football.

* Rakim grew up in the suburb of Wyandanch, Long Island, New York.

*He was discovered by WBLS DJ Eric B

*He recorded “Eric B. Is President” at 18, fresh outta High School and decided to forgo college.

*He will be live on stage at The DPAC this Friday, October 18th for Return of the Legends!!!!