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Rapper/reality star Benzino became famous to many Hip-Hop heads in the late 90s/early 2000s when he was heavily affiliated with The Source Magazine and his well publicized feud with Eminem and Dr. Dre. Ten years after the height of that beef, Benzino is reflecting on that time in a new interview.

Zino says his beef with Eminem and Dr. Dre wasn’t personal, but he doesn’t think they knew that at the time. “It wasn’t a personal thing about these guys and what they accomplished. I was just looking at the bigger picture and I don’t think they understood that. It was 50 [Cent] I was trying to get on a song when all of this was going on, me and 50 had a pretty good relationship, I had met him through Tone and Poke which Steve Stout had introduced me to—the Trackmasters—and then I remember when he had that situation with Ja [Rule] at the Hit Factory, he ran down to my session when I was with the Made Men at Sony and he had shown me his stab [wound], I called him a car service and got him up out of there.”

The funny part about him recounting the tale about 50 Cent and Ja Rule is that he and Ja are now very good friends. They are godfathers to each other’s children. Benzino made note of his friendship with Ja, “I hadn’t known Ja, it’s crazy because now me and Ja, like that’s my brother. Like, our kids, he’s the godfather of my kids and I’m the godfather of his kids, we’re family. My daughter just went to the Rihanna concert with [Ja Rule’s daughter] Brittany the other day. My son stays weekends til this day, they live in Jersey.”

Besides talking about his past beef with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope, Benzino also talked about how Dr. Dre was his hero and that N.W.A. turned him out when it comes to rap music.

Check the interview below.



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