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Geraldo Rivera Disses ObamaRemember the days when Geraldo Rivera was actually a respected voice in journalism? My, have those times changed. The journalist recently gave everyone another reason not to like him when he called President Obama a stuck up snob. The weird part about Rivera’s comments is that he was actually in the middle of saying he was rooting for Obama to succeed.


Rivera made the remarks on his radio show when he was discussing the the problems with Obamacare and the reports of people losing health insurance in spite of the president’s administration promising otherwise. Rivera stated, “I take absolutely no pleasure in reporting this because I’m rooting for this president to succeed even though he’s stuck-up and snobby and everything else. I want him to succeed because when he succeeds we all succeed.”

The talking head went on to call Obamacare a disaster for the fact about two million people will lose their health insurance because their insurance policies won’t be meet the requirements of the new law. So two million people will lose the insurance they already had in order to sign up for Obamacare.

While I respect the fact that everyone has their own opinion and I might not like those opinions all of the time, isn’t the name calling a bit juvenile? On second thought, who really pays attention to 70-year-old men so desperate for the spotlight that they tweet nude selfies. Exactly. Nobody.



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