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A split screen of Lil Mo and Nicci GilbertIt looks like it isn’t all sisterhood and five-part harmonies in the realm of “R&B Divas.” Cast member of the LA franchise, Lil Mo, didn’t take too kindly to some remarks Atlanta cast member and executive producer, Nicci Gilbert, made about her in an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine.


According to the magazine, Nicci Gilbert tried to explain how she wasn’t really the mean girl she was made out to be on the show. As she was trying to put herself in a positive light, she threw a few of her cast mates under the bus, one being Lil Mo. Gilbert stated in the interview, “I explained everything to [media coach Dyana Williams] because originally she thought I’m like Lil Mo or Syleena [Johnson] and just flips out and says whatever the hell I wanna say.”

Nicci Gilbert also referenced Chante Moore and Lil Mo when discussing the ladies on the show who liked to stir up the drama. The magazine contacted Lil Mo for a comment on Nicci Gilbert’s remarks and Lil Mo pulled no punches. Lil Mo said she and Nicci have only interacted with each other a few times. So Nicci Gilbert wouldn’t the right person to be discussing the actions of Lil Mo.

“I’ve seen Nicci Gilbert twice in my life…I don’t know her. I just don’t do and say whatever,” the gritty singer explained. “Chances are if I’mma say something it’s because I was asked or provoked.”

While Lil Mo has really kept quiet about the other cast members of the “R&B Divas” franchises, she has been very fast in defending herself against their comments about her behavior. The “Superwoman” singer continued,”When she tried to put my integrity in question, that’s a discussion. We gonna have to sit down and talk about it. Don’t mention my name. What kind of executive does that? All the years that I’ve been in this industry, I’ve never seen no executive talk about any of their staff in an interview…Unacceptable.”

While Lil Mo and Nicci Gilbert sling insults back and forth, Gilbert and a few of the other ladies from both franchises will be hitting the road for a tour. The R&B Divas tour will consist of Nicci Gilbert, Kelly Price, KeKe Wyatt, Dawn Robinson, and other divas who weren’t named yet will be touring together. Lil Mo wasn’t asked to be on the tour and she isn’t the slightest bit concerned.

“I didn’t care. I was just like ‘good luck.’ Trust me, my show is freaking crazy. My live show with my live band is intimidating, and that’s not even being conceited or arrogant or boastful. I like KeKe [Wyatt]; I know she’s gonna kill it. I would hope that maybe she’s the co-headliner because between her and Faith [Evans], I think that was a real good call. I don’t know what anybody else is going to sing, and I really don’t care.”

This is going to be interesting to see if this plays out on a cross-franchise storyline. Make sure you watch the upcoming seasons of “R&B Divas” because you never know how this will end up.



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