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Spike-Lee-FistAcclaimed film director Spike Lee was just hit with a serious lawsuit by an elderly couple, The McClains, from Florida. The couple is suing Spiker Lee for acting on blind rage when he first heard about the Trayvon Martin shooting.


According to a new lawsuit, Lee put the McClains’ lives in danger when he tweeted what he thought was the address of George Zimmerman just days after hearing about the unjust murder of Trayvon Martin. Apparently, Spike Lee had the wrong address and the people who lived at the address he tweeted have said they’ve received death threats, hate mail which caused them to fear for their lives.

The McClains say because Lee’s tweet was retweeted countless times and encouraged a “dangerous mob mentality.” Due to their suffering, the McClains are seeking unspecified damages.

In his recent interview with Oprah on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Spike Lee addressed the tweet and the subsequent fallout. He said it was a very stupid thing to do and that he regrets it. Check the clip below.


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