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Singer Kelis just announced that she is ready to make her way back onto the music scene.

Its been three years since the former Star Trak representer released new music. In a press released issued today it was announced that her new CD will drop on April 28, 2014 via the independent label Ninja Tune.

The album will be titled “Food”and is being billed as a “homecoming for Kelis”.  Check out the entire release below.

Ninja Tune were blown away by the record, and leapt at the chance to work with a legend that’s always had a forward-thinking sound and oozed style.

‘Food’ is a startling combination of Kelis’ most frank and vulnerable vocals to date, and Sitek’s inimitable sonic imprint. Littered with transcendent, Spector-esque lift, warm bottom ends and vast depth, the music is the perfect backdrop for Kelis’ unique voice. The latter has only improved with time and experience, and the album candidly explores pain, happiness and everything in between.”

On signing with Ninja Tune for the project, the ‘Milkshake’ maestra said

“I’m really happy to be partnering with Ninja Tune on my new record. This is the album I’ve wanted to make for a long time and I want the team around me to be as excited and energetic about it as I am. I’m also very happy to be working with some of the most creative people in the industry.”

At this point I personally don’t want to hear anything from Kelis besides a reunion with Pharrell and Chad from the Neptunes.  Let me know what you think in the poll below.